November 2014

2014 Toshihide Numata Book Award

Friday, November 14, 2014. During a ceremony at the Jodo Shinshu Center, the Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai (Numata Foundation) presented the 2014 Toshihide Numata Book Award to Erik Braun, Professor of Religious Studies at The University of Oklahoma, for The Birth of Insight: Meditation, Modern Buddhism, and the Burmese Monk Ledi Sayadaw (University of Chicago Press, 2013), and John K. Nelson, Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Francisco, for Experimental Buddhism: Innovation and Activism in Contemporary Japan (University of Hawaii Press, 2013).

This event included introductory remarks by Professor Robert Sharf (UC Berkeley), the presentation of the award by Prof. George Tanabe (Chairman of the Board, Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai America) on behalf of Mr. Toshihide Numata, keynotes by Erik Braun and John K. Nelson and a symposium on "Buddhist Modernisms," chaired by Robert Sharf, with presentations by Patrick Pranke (University of Louisville), Richard Jaffe (Duke University), and Alexander von Rospatt (University of California at Berkeley).

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Erik Braun and George Tanabe     Erik Braun keynote

John Nelson and George Tanabe     John Nelson keynote