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Journal articles and book chapters


Coming to Terms with Chinese Buddhism: A Reading of the Treasure Store Treatise, Kuroda Institute Studies in East Asian Buddhism, no. 14 (Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2002). Translated into Chinese by Xia Zhiqian 夏志前 and Xia Shaowei 夏少伟, under the title Zoujin Zhongguo Fojiao (Baozanglun jiedu) 走进中国佛教 (宝藏论解读), in the series Juequn foxue yicong 觉群佛学译丛 (Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe 上海古籍出版社, 2009).

Living Images: Japanese Buddhist Icons in Context, Asian Religions and Cultures, no. 2, co-edited with Elizabeth Horton Sharf (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001). Chapter contributions: "Prolegomenon to the Study of Japanese Buddhist Icons," and "Visualization and Mandala in Shingon Buddhism."

Journal articles and book chapters:

"Is Yogācāra Phenomenology? Some Evidence From the Cheng weishi lun," Journal of Indian Philosophy (Sept. 4, 2015). Download PDFTranscultural Psychiatry

"Is Mindfulness Buddhist? (And Why It Matters)," Transcultural Psychiatry 52, no. 4 (2015), 470-484. Download PDFTranscultural Psychiatry

"Mindfulness and Mindlessness in Early Chan," Philosophy East & West 64, no. 4 (October, 2014), pp. 933-964. Download PDF

"Is Nirvāṇa the Same as Insentience? Chinese Struggles with an Indian Buddhist Ideal," in India in the Chinese Imagination: Myth, Religion, and Thought, edited by John Kieschnick and Meir Shahar (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014), pp. 141-170.
Download PDF

"Art in the Dark: The Ritual Context of Buddhist Caves in Western China," in Art of Merit: Studies in Buddhist Art and its Conservation, edited by David Park, Kuenga Wangmo, and Sharon Cather (London: Archetype Publications, Courtauld Institute of Art, 2013), pp. 38-65. Download PDF

"Lun Hanchuan mijiao 论汉传密教" [On Chinese Esoteric Buddhism], trans. Zhang Linghui 张凌晖, in Hewei mijiao? Guanyu mijiao de dingyi, xiuxi, fuhao he lishi de quanshi yu zhenglun 何谓密教?关于密教的定义、修习、符号和历史的诠释与争论 [What is Esoterism? On the Interpretation and Controversy over the Definition, Practice, Semiology, and Historiography of Esoterism], edited by Shen Weirong 沈卫荣 (Beijing: Zhongguo zang xue, 2013), pp. 114-142.

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"Mujǒng-chungsaeng ŭi pulsǒng e taehayǒ (Ttonŭn Sǒn ŭi kongan ŭl ǒttǒk'e pol kot in'ga?)" ("On the Buddha-nature of Insentient Things [or: How to Think about a Ch'an Kung-an]"), Korean translation by Sǒ Chǒnghyǒng, in Cheilhoe Hanguk-Sǒn Kukche-haksul-taehoe Nonmunjip, edited by Pibaek kyohak yǒn'guso (Seoul: Hyoil munhwasa, 1999), pp. 155-191.

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"Whose Zen? Zen Nationalism Revisited," in Rude Awakenings: Zen, the Kyoto School, and the Question of Nationalism (Nanzan Studies in Religion and Culture), edited by James W. Heisig and John Maraldo (Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 1995), pp. 40-51. Download PDF

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Secrets of the Sacred: Empowering Buddhist Images in Clear, in Code, and in Cache, by Helmut Brinker, in Art Bulletin 95, no. 1 (March, 2013), pp. 167-168. Download PDF

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“Losing Our Religion.” Interview in Tricycle, Summer, 2007, pp. 44-49. Download PDF


"Mindfulness or Mindlessness: Traditional and Modern Buddhist Critiques of 'Bare Awareness.''' Presented at McGill University, Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, 15th annual Advanced Study Institute, June 3-5, 2013. Video Link

"Sudden/Gradual and the State of the Field: A Tribute to Luis O. Gómez." Presented at the panel "From San Juan to Sukhāvatī: Reflections on Buddhist Studies and the Career of Luis O. Gómez," held at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Chicago, November 1, 2008. Download PDF

"The Phenomenology of Insentience: Buddhist Meditation and Sensual Experience." Presented at Yale University, Conference on "The Senses of Religion: Knowledge, Miracles, Worship, and Sensory Experience in the World's Religions," October 27-29, 2006. Download PDF

"The Persistence of Magic." Presented at Yale University, Workshop on"Manipulating Magic: Sages, Sorcerers, and Scholars," April 16-17, 2005. Download PDF







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