The Numata Center for Buddhist Studies
University of California, Berkeley
1995 University Avenue, Suite 520F
Berkeley, CA 94704-2318

510-642-5035 (fax)

Robert Sharf
3121 Dwinelle 642-6369

Vice Chair
Sanjyot Mehendale
1995 University Ave., Ste 520F
510-643-5104 (office)

Program Coordinator
Skye VanValkenburgh
1995 University Ave., Ste 520K
510-643-6322 (office)

California Relay Services 711 is a service provided by the government for Deaf and hard of hearing people. It allows Deaf/HOH people to send their telephone calls via a videophone or teletypewriter to a call center staffed by ASL interpreters. If you would like to utilize this service to contact the Numata Center for Buddhist Studies or the Group in Buddhist Studies via phone, please refer to the California Relay Service 101 website. 

Group in Buddhist Studies
University of California, Berkeley
3413 Dwinelle Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2230

510-642-6031 (fax)

Program Director
Alexander von Rospatt
347B Dwinelle

Head Graduate Advisor
Robert Sharf
3121 Dwinelle

Department Manager
Jan Johnson
3410 Dwinelle

Graduate Student Affairs Officer
Grant Tompkins
3414 Dwinelle

Undergraduate Advisor
Cassandra Dunn
7228 Dwinelle

Scheduling and Enrollments
Presi Diaz
3409 Dwinelle

Financial Services
Linda Eason
3413 Dwinelle

Office Administration
Edith Anaya Perla
3413 Dwinelle

Backup Graduate Student Affairs Officer
Kristen Brooks
3413 Dwinelle