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The Group in Buddhist Studies offers an undergraduate minor in Buddhist Studies.

Students wishing to inquire about or declare the minor should speak with the Student Services Advisor, Cassandra Dunn, at The minor entails both a language requirement and a course requirement, as follows:

Language Requirement
All students must complete two semesters of course work (or summer session courses that are equivalent to two semesters of course work) in a relevant Asian language, typically Sanskrit, Chinese or Classical Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Khmer, or Burmese. This includes students with prior facility in a relevant Asian language. Such students have the choice of studying a further relevant Asian language on the introductory level, or of taking advanced language classes including seminars dedicated to reading Buddhist sources in the original. Admission to such advanced language classes and seminars is subject to the instructor’s approval and may include a placement exam in accordance with the standard policy employed for the language in question.

Course Requirement
All students must complete a minimum of 5 letter-graded upper-division courses (20 units):

  • Three courses in Buddhist Studies.
  • Two "electives" selected from relevant courses in the Departments of East Asian Languages and Cultures, South and Southeast Asian Studies, and History of Art. In addition to content courses this may include upper-division courses in a relevant Asian language. Note that courses used to satisfy the language requirement normally do not count towards meeting the upper division course requirement.
  • Buddhist Studies C50 may be substituted for one of the five upper division courses.
  • It may be possible for appropriate coursework in an Education Abroad Program administered by UC or another accredited university to satisfy one of the electives, but the student must have this EAP coursework reviewed and evaluated by an advisor on a case by case basis.

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